World Swimming Championships, Windsor 2016: Federica Pellegrini Wins the Gold Medal in the 200 style and silver in the 4x100 relay.

At the World Swimming Championships, Windsor, Canada 2016, Federica Pellegrini won the Gold Medal in the 200 style using a Jaked J Keel swimsuit. She started slowly and then just before the end she pushed down the pedal and made the perfect comeback race, her favorite way of winning!

Here's what Federica said after the race according to and watch the race in the video below.

" I'm very happy, this medal closes a full circle in my career. I was swimming in lane three and for a while I thought about that damned Rio Olympic final. Especially the pre-competition was difficult. Then I relaxed, I entered the water and I made the perfect comeback race as I like it. Winning against Katinka Hosszu is always difficult and challenging. I've prepared very well with my coach and I managed the race perfectly. This medal is the result of the sacrifice and the desire to never give up that is part of my DNA even at 28 years. "



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