Competition J Katana Swimsuits

Technology and Design

New shimmering colors for the Jaked bestseller competition swimsuit. 100% two-way stretch fabric, for athletes who want greater comfort, even during the toughest training sessions. Differentiated compression, custom designed to the style and the ergonomic cut of the garment construction.


100% ultra-lightweight two-way stretch textile fibre (145 g/m2). Fabric’s iridescent effect: each different color dazzles with shine on contact with the water.

Production methods

Garment fabrication using heat welding structural techniques: the seams are replaced by heat welded tapes with increased mechanical capacity. This eliminates the need for stitching and seams, reducing friction drag of the garment in water.


Differentiated compression garment, thanks to the style and the ergonomic cut of fabric.


Exclusive “ACQUA-su-ACQUA” (Italian for Water on Water) hydrophobic finishing treatment developed by J Lab, the Jaked Research & Development Department.

Wearability in use - Competition J Katana Collection

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